Monday, September 22, 2008

Mimi and Papa

This weekend we had our very first guests come to meet our sweet baby boy. Shane's dad Randy (Papa) and his wife Vickie (Mimi) came from Oklahoma to visit. They had a great trip and were a big help giving mommy some much needed time for rest. Randy and Shane even got a little fishing in and had a great day on the river.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the week in review

We thought since today is Simon's one week birthday we would let you all know what the last week has been like.

Mama started labor at home about 3am...although unsure at that time that is what was actually happening. Shane was doing little tasks around the house all morning and at about 12:30 pm he sat down on the couch next to me and I looked at him and asked "Is there anything else you need to do today" he responded, "shower" and I said once he was done with that we should take a little drive. Got to Montrose @ 2:20, tried to go to "Camp Robber" for lunch, but they had closed @ 2. Decided to head to hospital, checked in, got hooked up to fetal monitor, 2 contractions later my water broke and at 11:39, 2 pushes after crowning, out came our beautiful baby boy.

Due to about 1 hour of sleep combined, Shane and I both feel like Monday was a blur...we know that there were a lot of visits from nurses checking out both baby and mama.

Simon stayed in the room with us most of the night, we got a bit more sleep, and by about 2 decided we were ready to head home. Finally checked out of the hospital around 4 and started Home. Shane felt like it was the scariest drive ever and that everyone on the road was a maniac driver. Got home around 6:30 and started into the first night alone. It was a tough one but we made it through.

Woke up to rainy weather and headed into town for our first doctor's visit. All checked out and we headed back home to try and catch up on some zzz's.

Spent the day at home, called friends and family, tried to get into some kind of pattern. Shane went to work for a few hours. Thursday night was the best night yet and we logged about 6 hours of sleep each.

Dad went to work so Simon and mama headed out for their first excursion as the weather was gorgeous and mama was in dire need of some fresh air. We walked down the road to the neighborhood commercial district and had some lunch at the sandwich shop. Ran into a few friends and neighbors along the way.

Watched some football, had some visitors, got some sleep.

Today we might have a mini celebration...Mama's thinking Daddy should treat her to some 1 week birthday ice cream from The Sweet Life.

got sleep?

Yes the boy does sleep (on occasion) but of course we're still working on it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

drumroll please!!! introducing ...

9.7.08 7 lbs. 1 oz. 21.5"

We are excited to share a few pics of our newest little addition. All is going well and this journey has been an amazing one so far. We can't wait for each and every new day, hour & minute.