Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday activities

Simon is sitting up all on his own now, he is really enjoying this new ability.

Sometimes he topples over too.

The abs on this kid are super strong... feet head and arms off the ground all at the same time.

Simon has really started taking an interest in the cats. He is starting to develop a bit of a special bond with Rolley especially. Zella usually keeps to herself and out of his way.

Simon and the curtains

The seat in Simon's jumparoo spins around 360 degrees. The other day I found him facing the curtains, pulling the fabric toward his mouth for a little taste.

Daddy Time

Simon and Daddy watching March Madness.

A little blurry, but still a cute moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six month old Simon

We just returned from our first international trip with our little six month old and he did great! Let's just say there will be more beach bumming in his future. The weather in Tulum, Mexico this time of year was as pleasant as we have seen it in Mexico, not too hot, but warm enough to be out and about in beach attire during the day and a light jacket at night. The wedding we attended was beautiful and a lot of fun. Simon stole the hearts of both the mother of the bride and groom, and they are both eager for new grandbabies of their own.

On his six month birthday Simon dipped his toes in the ocean and white sand beaches of Tulum.

We spent a lot of time w/ Simon in just his diaper in the hotel room, relaxing and trying to nap.

The pool was actually a bit too cold to have much fun in. Simon started to scream if he got away from mama's body heat.

We had our sixth month check up today. Simon now weighs 17 lbs 1 oz and is 27.5" in length. The doctor said he was the perfect baby and gave us the thumbs up to get into the solid foods again. Simon hit a big milestone last night as he slept all the way through the night 8PM to 7AM without waking for a feeding. I think he may have done this sooner as a few times before our travels to Kansas ans Mexico it seemed he was on his way, but I awoke him, not wanting to start anything new before we traveled. Now we are hoping he will do it again tonight. I think he is also trying to drop a nap and go from 3 down to 2. Simon is so close to sitting for longer periods of time by himself, but we still put a few pillows around him as he occasionally topples forward or to the side as he eagerly grabs for a toy. We LOVE our happy, growing, active baby more and more each day!