Sunday, January 25, 2009

First big tub bath!

We spent most of the weekend inside, as Si had a cold and wasn't feeling great. He was a trooper though and for a little guy who wasn't feeling well still managed to make us smile. He was intent on getting his sock off Saturday afternoon, and spent about 20 minutes tugging at it and putting it towards his mouth.

Because he didn't feel well I thought a nice warm bath might help out. This was his first bath in the big tub. He loved it and was kicking and splashing and smiling the whole time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

On the Move

The days of setting the kid on the floor and walking away are over! He's been rolling over all day long. Very exciting and also a bit terrifying! Hope you all enjoy this milestone.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Just a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Telluride. We had a very relaxed weekend, even getting outside for a few walks in the warm (50 degree) weather.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a visit from the jays

It has been a while since we have seen our dear friends the Jay's. We were fortunate that they came back to Telluride for a visit...too bad we didn't capture any photos of anyone but Harper. It turns out that kiddos are more fun to take photos of than adults. Here's a good one of Harper, The Si man and uncle Snoop.
On Friday we had a pot luck dinner at the house so that they could catch up with some friends. In this photo are Dennis Lankis and Henry and Ashley Deppen. Yes Henry is looking fierce in his bib!
Dennis' daughter Jordan.

Turns out it is difficult to get a 4 and 5 month old to both look at the camera at the same time.
Harper and Jordan.

Now that all of our guests have gone home it truly feels like the holiday season has come to an end. Guess we have to settle back into the regular routine for 2009. This includes Mommy Day on Mondays, 3 days of daycare and Daddy day on Friday. Simon had his 4 month check up on the 7th and he is doing really well. He weighed in at 14 lbs. 4 oz. and was 26" tall. Developmentally he is right on track, and also got his next round of shots which he handled very well. Hope you all have had a good start to your new year, and look forward to seeing you in 2009!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We spent the first day of the new year hanging around the house and relaxing. Simon enjoyed his favorite Christmas present, his new may actually be Mom and Dad's favorite present, but he seems to like it too.

We have also started using a few of our other great Christmas presents. The new high chair, thanks to Mimi and Papa, and the feeding bowls and utensils, thanks to Steph, Skip, Heidi and Jeff. Simon has seemed still hungry after our last feeding of the evening, before he goes to bed so we decided that a snack after his last nap might help. We started feeding him some rice cereal, very thinned down, along with a bit of milk to help wash it down. He is doing really well grasping the concept of eating from the spoon. Last night, the first night we tried this, he was opening his mouth very well for the spoon, and seemed to be moving some of the food to the back of his mouth with his tongue. Of course a lot of the food ran down his chin, but I was happy with the amount that seemed to stay in the mouth. Tonight he did even better! We have such a quick learner. It has seemed to help with the last feeding as well, as he appears full and not cranky for more food when I put him down for bed. Good Boy Simon! Hope you all had a good New Year's Eve.