Monday, August 25, 2008

Any Day Now

I went to the doctor last Thursday for my 37 week check up, and now it really feels like the baby could arrive any day. We discovered that his head is down and in a good place, spine is off to my left side and feet over below my right ribcage...he's really stretching out and we keep joking that he's going to be a tall string bean! While we were in Montrose we picked up the rocking chair that has been getting reupholstered. Now the nursery really feels finished. Shane has been working hard to finish up the doors, and by the time we have visitors in late September, you should all have some privacy and relief from the sounds of a newborn baby!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

finally a powder room

We have been working hard to finish up a lot of small projects around the house before the baby gets here. We finally have a door on our powder room! Laura has been busy sewing curtains and we were able to hang them before the party this weekend. It feels good to make progress.

hasta la vista jays

Our dear friends Eric, Josie and Harper are moving back to Kansas. We had a going away party for them this weekend and were glad to have good weather, food and friends for the event. We will miss them but know that Lawrence will be getting a fine new family.