Monday, October 20, 2008


Last week our friends Ashley and Ryan invited us over for dinner. It was a much needed night out and we had been looking forward to getting Simon and their new baby Henry together. We were excited all throughout the pregnancy that Simon would have a buddy so close in age to him, as Henry was born on my birthday, August 14th. The boys were well behaved, it did not turn into a "cryfest" as we had imagined it might, and we were even able to capture a few precious pics of them together. This was toward the end of the night and Simon was getting hungry, as you can see in the photo where he is trying to eat Henry's ear!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. Simon is growing (8lbs. 8oz.) and becoming more active. We are also trying to become more in tune with when he is tired so that we get him down for good naps before feeding. Hopefully this will help get a bit more regular of a schedule before we have to start daycare. We were able to get him into the daycare just across the street from my office where he will start going on Wednesday and Thursday's starting in mid November.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What's up Doc?

We went to visit the doctor today for a weight and height check. Simon did really well, and I am proud to say that he put on nearly a pound in weight over the last 2 weeks. He is now 7lbs. 12 oz.

Grandma and Aunt Jamie

Grandma and Aunt Jamie visited us this last weekend. Simon had lots of lap time with both of them and he really liked meeting them.