Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sorry to see you go

To all of those Jordans making it home tonight...We enjoyed our Christmas, and thanks to Nana and Pop Pop who got us this cool new camera. Now we can post Video...Lookout!

Another new baby Cousin-Zachary Stanley Pankewich

Simon has another new baby cousin. Zachary Stanley Pankewich was born to my older brother Skip and his wife Steph on Dec. 27th. Although we weren't expecting Zach for almost another 2 months we are glad that he made it here and is doing remarkably well for as early as he came. Mama and Baby keep giving us good reports every day and it sounds like they are even getting to spend some time together in the NICU. Steph got to hold him a bit yesterday and big sis Emerald, Daddy, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jeff have also visited him. My mom has been helping with the kiddos at home while Skip and Steph spend as much time at the hospital with Zach as they can. We are keeping the whole family in our thoughts and prayers as they adjust to this new little being in thier lives. Emerald has still not given up on calling him by her preferred name for him (Lobster) which makes you realize that things are still a bit normal as this seems to be a typical 4 yr old reaction!

A Griswald...I mean Jordan...Christmas

We had an exciting first this week, people actually came to see us for Christmas, making Simon's first Christmas, one at home. Shane's immediate family came from Oklahoma and Kansas all the way to Telluride to share a great weekend in Telluride. We were joking before they got here that the gathering may resemble the Griswald chirstmas vacation, but I think in the end we all had a great time and things went fairly smoothly. After a bit of a scary weather forecast (a prediction of a nearly untravelable blizzard conditions) on Friday when most of the group got in, the rest of the trip was filled with blue sky sunny days.

Simon and his cousin Matthew

On Friday we went to Norwood, about 45 minutes away, to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride. There was a fresh blanket of deep snow and the setting was breathtaking. In the middle of the ride the sleigh got stuck and everyone (about 12 people total) except Laura and Simon had to get off of the sleigh in about 2 feet of snow so that Rowdy (the driver) could get the sleigh turned back around and on track. While he was turning the sleigh it nearly tipped over causing all of the spectakers to take a deep breath as they watched mamma hold her baby tight and fight the tip of the sleigh. Later Simon told me that he really like it :) Really he slept very soundly nearly the whole ride, to wake up just as we got back to the barn for some hot cocoa, where he enjoyed looking at the hundreds of photos that Rowdy had stapled to the ceiling of the office at the barn. Shane, Laura and Simon (in the blanket) on the Sleigh ride

Grace, Aunt Jamie and Matthew on the Sleigh ride

the whole group with the lead horses

Simon and Aunt Jamie at the Lone Cone for lunch after the sleigh ride

Simon really liked having fun with his cousins Matthew and Grace

On Sunday most of the group headed for Town Park to Firecracker Hill for some good old fasion sledding. Kids never grow up sometimes. Jamie and Adam are in the photo above.
Shane and Matthew

Shane showing his balancing skills
Matthew, Adam and Grace
After sledding they rode up to Mountain Village where Matthew got to jump on the trampoline bungee thing.
Matthew getting some air


We spent a lot of time in the living room on the couch. Good thing we just got a new large couch this year!

Mimi, Papa and the Grandkids

making cookies with Grandma

Matthew on the Kids Hill

Monday we headed for the slopes where we fought the crowds on the busiest day of the ski season. Boy can we tell our age after a few runs...we sure were sore that night.
Adam and Matthew

Shane and Laura

Sweet Smiley Simon

Simon and Gracie spent the day with Grandma while the rest of the group was on the mountain

Simon and Papa

Simon and Matthew

Simon and Mimi

Simon and Adam

Simon and Grandma

We have an icredibly tolerant baby boy and he did great meeting all of these new people, still taking naps and sleeping well and letting everyone play with and hold him. He was even really patient during the photo session on Monday night. We sure hope our guests had as much fun as we did and that someday they may actually want to come back!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Christmas

We had a great first Christmas, enjoying guests to our home for the first time since we have lived in Telluride. Shane's Mom was here on Christmas and the rest of his family arrived today. We have a lot of fun events planned for thier time in T ride

Simon got a lot of great presents from all of the friends and fam>

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

just chillin

So this week I have been having a lot of down time, relaxing and trying to rest. I hear there are a bunch of people coming to my house and Mom keeps telling me to get ready! She has been busy all week cleaning the house. I've been taking it easy because I have a bit of a sniffly nose...we had to go meet this guy named Santa at the grocery store on Sunday and it was too cold out for me:( But i do like lounging all day in my PJ's

Yes folks he definitely takes after his parents and can be a bit of a couch potato. We noticed him starting to pay a bit too much attention to the TV lately (yes it is a bit hard to miss) so we have started to let him watch some of the Baby Einstein videos we have. I wonder what he thinks of a 24" tall bright yellow bear? He seems to like the bright colors and music though.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Good Morning from Telluride. It is a wintery day here and I am really excited because I have a new cousin! Mom's little Brother Jeff and his wife Heidi had a baby boy Josiah Scott a few days ago. They are home from the hospital and doing well. I can't wait until I get to meet him in a few months

Below is a picture of the both of us the one on the right was taken when I was just a few days old...about the same age as Josiah is now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is coming

This week I have become a baby super model...mom has been snapping the camera at me a lot! She said something about a card for Christmas, but I have no idea what that means, I just look at the camera and smile. I have been working on my trunk muscles a lot during tummy time and mom has started using my Boppy pillow to prop me up during tummy time, I like this because now I can really look around!

We got all the decorations set up this weekend and Simon seemed to like the lights.
Our bubble making baby!