Sunday, October 24, 2010

A happy 2 year old

We have had a very busy summer traveling back to Kansas a lot to spend time with family and friends. I am now realizing as the snow begins to get closer and closer to landing in the yard (it actually has the last 2 mornings) how far behind I am in updating the blog. I figured I should do it now because with the new baby coming in just a few months I will be even busier...enjoy the pics from Simon's birthday party in Lawrence, some fun in the park during our nice long fall, working on our football and Lacrosse skills while cheering for the Wildcats and other random pics from home. Simon is really becoming a fun little guy with a lot of character and an amazing ability to form seems everywhere we go somebody knows Simon. Seeing him interact with cousins and friends over the summer has made us believe he is going to be a great big brother. He seems to grasp that soon he will have a new little friend, we hope he gets as excited about it as we are.

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